Installing ACR Preset Manager v2

Mac OS X

Install Folder.jpg
  1. Double click downloaded file named 'ACRPresetManager.dmg'
  2. In the window that opens, drag the ACR Preset Manager icon into the Applications folder. 
  3. Close the window. 
  4. Right click the desktop icon and select 'Eject' 

ACR Preset Manager should now be available to use in you Applications Folder. 

Running ACR Preset Manager For The First Time

The first time you run ACR Preset Manager you will be asked to input you serial number.  If you cut and paste please ensure that you do not include any spaces before or after the serial number. 

If ACR Preset Manager cannot find certain file locations you will be asked to locate these manually.  This could be either because you have installed Photoshop in a non-standard location, or you do not have Photoshop CS6 installed.  It is possible to use ACR Preset Manager without Photoshop CS6 installed - however you will need to set up dummy locations for the folders in order to proceed.

If you have any issues please contact support.  Please note that older versions of Photoshop are not officially supported although we will provide support on a best endeavors basis. 

Video Tutorials

A picture is worth a thousand words, so we have created some videos to help you learn your way around.  I recommend that you watch all of these videos and have placed them in what I believe is the most appropriate order. 

Getting Started

Converting Lightroom Presets

Bridge Integration With ACR Preset Manager

How I use setup my presets and use in my processing workflow. 

The Options Panel

Configure the behavior of ACR Preset Manager. 

The Tools Menu

Import and Export presets, and backup and restore your database. 

Photoshop CC Extension