ACR Preset Manager - Version 2.1 out now - with Photoshop CC Integration!

It's finally here for both Mac and PC.  Version 2.1 of ACR Preset Manager with Photoshop CC Integration.  As promised this is a free update to all existing users.  To use ACR Preset within Photoshop the free Photoshop Extension must be download from my download page.  (Or just click here).

For Mac users this is a small update to facilitate the Photoshop Integration - but please be aware it will overwrite your existing database.  Use the backup function before you update, and the restore the database after updating.

For Windows users this is a significant change which brings Windows onto  the same code base as the Mac users:

  • Integrated Menu in Bridge replaces the Jumplists for loading preset groups whilst in Bridge.  This allows you to have more than 10 groups available, and supports nested groups for better organisation.  Watch the video Bridge Integration With ACR Preset Manager on my tutorial page for more information.
  • Support for the new Photoshop CC Extension to integrate ACR Preset Manager into Photoshop CC for use with the new Camera Raw filter. 
  • Improvements to the conversion engine to remove some issues with presets that use multiple adjustment gradients.
  • New Database based model for storing presets:  quicker, safer, easier to use. 
  • Changed layout and feel as part of the code base change.

The upgrade will import your existing preset library if you desire - however due to the improvements in the conversion engine I would recommend that you reconvert your presets when upgrading.   

To familiarise yourselves with the new work flow, please check out my tutorials here.

Over the next few days I'll be publishing a tutorial video on how to use ACR Preset Manager with the new Photoshop CC Extension.  In the meantime you can check out the video below to a flavour of how it works.


Posted on August 24, 2013 .

Great things imminent - Full Photoshop Integration

Some great things are in the pipeline.  The delayed Windows version 2 is now in advanced Beta testing.  It should be released in the next couple of weeks.  The reason for the delay is something I think is genuinely fantastic.  The new version will work with a Photoshop Extension - integrating ACR Preset Manager directly into Photoshop CC. It allows the use of ACR Preset Manager without leaving Photoshop and takes advantage of the new Camera Raw filter in CC.   Of course the promised Bridge integration is also included.

As promised - the update (and the Photoshop extension) will be free to all existing users.

Check out the teaser video below to see it in action in Photoshop.  

Posted on August 6, 2013 .

ACR Preset to Lightroom Conversion?

I've been asked if I have any plans for a reverse conversion.  It's something I've thought about but is currently low on my list of things to do.   My current list is:

  • Version 2 for Windows is my current focus.
  • Next I'll be working on integrating with Photoshop CC.  As the Camera RAW engine can be used a filter within Photoshop CC it makes sense to allow people to change presets without having to leave Photoshop.  Adobe don't make this easy - and it's a whole new language for me to learn so it's taking a while.
  • Then I'll be looking at including radial gradients which were introduced in Camera RAW 8 and Lightroom.
  • Then I may have a chance to look at a reverse conversion. 

I also think a ACR -> Lightrrom conversion will not be as popular as the other way round because:

  • Presets for Lightroom are far more available than Camera Raw presets.
  • Presets created in Camera Raw do not include gradient information whilst Lightroom presets do.  I have no idea why this is.  Presets converted from Lightroom using ACR Preset Manager include all gradient information - and it works fine.  So I know that Camera Raw can handle them - it just doesn't save them.  Very very odd.  But the long and short of it is that presets created in Camera Raw have less functionality that presets created in Lightroom (and presets created in Lightroom and run through ACR Preset Manager).


Posted on July 28, 2013 .