Bridge Integration - New Feature for Next Version

I hinted before about a great new feature that I was working on.  I'm pleased to say that this is now working for Windows, and I'm working on porting this to the Mac.  ACR Preset Manager is integrated with Bridge,  You will be able to load preset groups directly from Bridge.

When working in bridge, there will be a new menu item.  Where this menu item is is configurable depending on what best suits your workflow.  From this menu item you can directly load up to 12 groups of presets without ever leaving Bridge.

New Menu integrated into the Main Menu

You can either have the menu in the main menu:

New Menu integrated into Thumbnail Menu

In the drop down menu when right clicking a thumbnail

New Menu integrated into the Develop Settings menu.

Or (my current favourite location) - In the Develop Settings Menu

The Mac port is still progressing well (although obviously I got a little side tracked this week wtih new features) - and I'm still expecting a release at the end of the month.

Posted on May 6, 2013 .