Mac OSx - Alpha now working

After some hard work I'm really pleased to have the first Alpha Build of ACR Preset Manager working on the Mac.  Key functionality is there however there are a few little niggles.  Both the lrtemplate conversion and the general management features are now working well.  GUI work is remaining, and the chorey pieces of work such as serial number control etc still remain to be done.  The existing functionality is also not thoroughly tested and from past experience that takes a while time.

Additionally I'm trying to find a suitable equivalent to windows Jumplists for the Mac.  Not being a Mac user I'm struggling to find something suitable - so if anyone has any ideas there's a free copy of ACR Preset Manager for anyone who can help me out.  Just drop me a note via the contacts page.

On the plus side ACR Preset Manager now uses a database to store presets.  This has advantages and will introduce some new features including: preset search, a trash folder concept, and automated saving of new presets created in ACR into ACR Preset Manager.

Anyway - before I go back to work here's a picture to show it in all it's OSx glory.

Alpha screenshot of ACR Preset Manager for Mac

Alpha screenshot of ACR Preset Manager for Mac

Posted on April 22, 2013 .