Mac OSx development underway - Good news and Bad news

Work has started on the OSx version of ACR Preset Manager. It's coming along nicely now although there is good news and bad news about it.

The first piece of bad news is that the plan to use the same development tools that I used for the windows version fell at the first hurdle. Converting from Delphi VCL to Firemonkey, which was required to use the same code on the Mac, didn't work out. Mainly because Firemonkey is, if you'll pardon my French, a pile of crap. Constant errors and unexplained problems have forced me to abandon it. Glad I didn't shell out the $2k that the developers have the cheek to ask for it.

The good news is that I've found what I hope is a suitable replacement in a development kit called Lazarus which so far seems to be doing the job. The Lightroom template to ACR preset convertor is now up and running, and I'm working on the Preset Manager now. Even better news is that Lazarus allows me to use a database rather than the file system I used for Windows which means it's quicker, easier to develop and will allow for more functionality. The downside is that it's not possible to deviate as much from the standard operating system look and feel of the application, so it may not look quite as nice as the windows version. But I'll do my best to make it look as nice as possible.

So - what does all this mean? Well, it's still early days yet, but I'm planning for an OSx release around the end of April. I'll keep you posted.

Posted on April 13, 2013 .