5 Best Features of ACR Preset Manager

Here's five reasons why ACR Preset Manager will save you time and enhance your workflow.  Two of these are new to the latest beta build.

1 - Group your Presets

You can assign any number of presets to logical groups.  Examples of groups I use are:

  1. Group by developer for 3rd party presets.
  2. Group by picture type (i.e. Portrait, Landscape, B+W, Film Emulation etc).
  3. A group of general go to presets that I commonly use.
Group Types.jpg

2 - Assign Hotkeys to Groups


By assigning Hotkeys to Groups you can quickly quickly load any group of presets into ACR for use with the press of a single key.  In the setup here, pressing F1 will load the B+W group into ACR,  and then take you straight into Adobe Bridge.  All in a single key press.


To assign a Hotkey to group is simple.  Right-Click the group you wish to assign, chose Assign Hotkey from the menu, and select the Hotkey you wish to assign.

If the Hotkey you select is already assigned, the existing group will be deselected and your new group will take it's place.

You can also clear a Hotkey from a group by selecting 'Clear' from the same menu.


3 - Use Jumplists to Change Presets Without Leaving Bridge


Jumplists are a list of actions that are shown when you right-click on the application icon in the windows taskbar.  Right clicking on the ACR Preset Manager icon will bring up a list all Groups that can be loaded straight into ACR without even leaving Adobe Bridge.

JumpLists are created automatically -  when you assign a hotkey to a group it is automatically added to the JumpList.

Here's a short video to show how this works in practice and how this could dramatically speed up your workflow in ACR,

4 - Import All Your Existing Presets in Seconds


You can import your existing presets using the import function from the Tools menu.  Just select Tools -> Import, and then point the import tool to your existing preset folder.  All presets in that folder will be imported.  If the folder you select has sub folders, then all presets there are loaded too - and sorted automatically in groups with the same name as your folder.  You can be up and running in a matter of minutes.

5 - Convert all your existing Lightroom 4 Templates for use in Camera Raw

And saving the best till last - you can convert all you existing Lightroom 4 templates for us in ACR - in seconds!

Posted on March 4, 2013 .