In the beginning.....

It's started

ACR Preset Manager is something I've been working on for about 3 months now.  It started life as an application to convert Lightroom templates to ACR presets.  I just never got on with Lightroom and prefer working in Photoshop and ACR.  However there are far more Lightroom templates available than there are ACR presets even though they use the same engine.  So I wondered if I could convert between the two.  After a month or so of work in my spare time, I'd cracked it.

But when I tried to use all my new presets - holy crap - there was just a huge list of presets.  Everything I had in one long drop down list.  In Lightroom everything is nicely organised into folders, but not ACR.  And so ACR Manager was born.

It's currently in a beta phase at the moment and I'm trying to spread the word to get some interest.

Current State

I'm currently putting it through it's paces and trying to get it ready for release. I'm also trying to work out how I release it - looking at channels to sell it, looking at how to put some protection into it that isn't onerous to end users.  This is all new to me as it's the first time I've attempted to sell software.  My previous attempt at donation-ware failed miserably.  30,000 downloads and not a single donation.  Not even a beer for all my hard work.

Oh - and I'm also putting this website together.  Again something that's new to me.

Future Plans

I'd like to release this for the Mac.  In order to do that I need to buy the development tools and (more importantly) a Mac to test it on.  That's why I need to sell this - to afford to pay for the tools for the Mac version.  And who knows - if it does well maybe I'll be able to buy that underwater housing for my D7000 that I've been hankering for.

If there is sufficient interest I may also look at converting from ACR to Lightroom, although I suspect the demand is in going the other way.

Posted on February 20, 2013 .