How to resolve some issues experienced by some Mac users

There have been some changes to the permissions on folders used CC and CS6 that are leading to problems using ACR Preset Manager for some Mac user.  On opening a message shows saying 'Access Denied' and then the program closes.  I'm not sure if these are Apple related or Adobe related.  They have only started happening in the last couple of months and have been hard to track down.0

I'm working on a fix I'll release hopefully in week.  In the meantime this can fixed by opening a terminal session and entering the two commands:

  • sudo chmod a+rw "/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Bridge CC Extensions"
  • sudo chmod a+rw "/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Bridge CS6 Extensions"

Thanks to Kirk for working with me to resolve this issue, and apologies to all if you've been affected. 


Posted on November 22, 2013 .